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Health & Education Disparities in Philly School System

Webinar on 4/15 @ 7-8pm

RISE Philly and PILOTs are hosting a Q&A panel to discuss the educational and health disparities in the Philadelphia Public School System. This is a great event geared towards students tutoring public school students in the Philly school system or those who want to learn more about the city around them. Hope you to see you all there! (details below)

On April 15th RISE Philly and PILOTs are hosting 3 panelists: Jessica Way, who has been working as a teacher in the Philadelphia school district for 13+ years, Casey Swann, an MS2 at Jeff and former teacher in the Philadelphia school system, and Aiden Castellanos-Pedroza, an employee with Philadelphia’s Jobs with Justice organization (more on PJWJ, instagram: @FundPhillySchools). The event will begin with Aiden providing an overview of the current state of the Philadelphia public school system, disparities facing many socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and ways for medical students to get involved. This intro presentation will then be followed by Q&A panel between Jessica Way, Casey Swann and Aiden Castellanos-Pedroza followed by a Q&A panel.

The overall aim of this even is to address educational and health disparities in Philadelphia and provide medical students with actionable ways to help close these gaps.


Email us at for the Zoom link!

A little bit about RISE Philly, we are a virtual tutoring & mentorship program for students from low-income communities within Philadelphia that started during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide additional learning resources for students from underserved backgrounds amidst rapid changes in schools’ curriculums and a shift from in-person to online learning.


We encourage anyone interested in learning about Philadelphia’s educational system and its existing challenges to attend. You may find that it motivates you to join either JeffPayPILOTs or RISE Philly and provide longitudinal support for children in our local community! Please get in touch with me on how to get involved with either of these great organizations!


Thanks so much and hope to see many of you there.

Daniel Givner, Jefferson Chapter President

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